Adam Swanson | Family
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In our fast-passed busy culture it can be difficult to align the schedules of every single member of a family unit. Family therapy is somewhat rare precisely for this reason, but when it can be done once a week the results can be well worth it! Much like couples counseling, a family can expect to see a therapist who attempts to view family strife through the eyes of each individual member. In family therapy, the family is viewed as a system, with each member serving a specific function for the family dependent upon one another. Therefore, family conflict is examined in a manner in which a specific “function” cannot be blamed, but rather how the system as a whole is falling short in its functioning. This is accomplished by providing an environment where each member feels respected and empowered to share their thoughts and opinions with one another (with the help and encouragement from me when needed). Additionally, families can gain from the researched, proven behaviors suggested by the therapist. Families commonly find themselves in therapy for the following reasons: marital discord, sibling conflict, child disobedience, substance abuse, loss of a family member, family crisis, etc.